Jan 17

Ask Dr R – To operate or not to operate?

I am scheduled in two weeks for cystocele and rectocele repairs and I am getting very apprehensive about these surgeries..about 3 months ago I got very constipated due to the rectocele..this caused 2 anal fissures and for my hemorrhoids to get worse..i went to an awesome colorectal doctor who did the lateral sphincterotomy surgery and the hemorrhoid stapling..i was also impacted and have no idea how that happened because i was having bowel movements every day…the colorectal doctor took care of the fissures and the hemorrhoids and put me on a high fiber diet..i am doing great now as far as that’s concerned..i still have the rectocele but it’s not causing any problems right now..i have an extreme fear of having the surgery and having problems start again with my bowels..would vagifem and kegel exercises work better for me?.sorry this is such a long comment.
Hello W:
The best situation for prolapse surgery, be it rectocele surgery, cystocele (dropped bladder) surgery, uterine prolapse surgery, or combination prolapse surgery, is when the benefits outweigh the risks. One of the advantages of considering prolapse surgery is that it is rarely if ever an emergency and usually not mandatory. So you have plenty of time to discuss the pros and cons with your surgeon, to get second, third, and fourth opinions, and to read more about your condition and treatment options, even if that means postponing the scheduled operation. I urge you to learn more about your options and the risks and benefits of each treatment option, surgical and non-surgical, before you undergo surgery that you are not sure you need. To find specialists in your area, search American Urogynecologic Society clinician locator. You can search by city or zipcode. Keep us posted!

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