Aug 22

Ask Dr R: painful sex- perineoplasty?

Painful sex after menopause

Hello Dr. R,

I am a 51 year old that has pain upon entry, visited my doctor and he is suggesting a perineoplasty, is that the same procedure as a Fenton’s?  Is there anything else that wouldn’t be as invasive? I do not want to take hormones and I am not ready for my sexual life to be over.  Once the opening is loosened up a bit it doesn’t hurt as long as I use a lubricant. Would this be a senario for a perineoplasty?  Thank you so much!


Painful sex (dyspareunia) after menopause is best treated with a dose of creativity - rush not to the knife!

Dyspareunia: perspective from a urogynecologist

Hello L,

Without examining you, it is impossible to know if a perineoplasty is your only treatment option for painful sex (dyspareunia). I strongly suggest you seek second opinions from urogynecology specialists in your area, which you may locate through American Urogynecologic Society. Therapies may include vaginal estrogen, dilators, pelvic floor physical therapy, pelvic floor electrical stimulation, valium vaginal suppositories, or some combination there-of.  You may consider perineoplasty and Fenton’s to be synonymous for this indication. Keep us posted…

Dr R


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