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Dec 17

Uterine Prolapse – The Facts

Uterine Prolapse – The Facts Uterine prolapse affects 30% of ALL women, so there’s a good chance that it will touch you or someone you know. But before you can comprehend uterine prolapse, you need to have a basic understanding of a woman’s pelvis. The vagina is the foundation of female anatomy, while the cervix sits …

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Nov 29

Kidogo Kidogo, fixing uterine prolapse in an incubator of extremis called the DRC

It’s not easy being a girl. I’m  here in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) where I and my American colleagues usually help the Panzi Hospital gyn and fistula surgeons fix fistulas and figure out ways to deal with less than perfect fistula repair results or how best to care for the “unfixables” – women with …

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Nov 25

The Step-Sisters of Fistula – Minimally Invasive Uterine Resuspension- Hysteropexy C’est Arrive au DR Congo.

NOV 23, 2010 (c) L Romanzi 2010 The Step-Sisters of Fistula – Minimally Invasive Uterine Resuspension- Hysteropexy C’est Arrive au DR Congo. It is difficult to express how impressed I am during each and every Harvard Humanitarian Initiative mission ( by the  skilled, motivated, and wise  pelvic floor – fistula surgeons at Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, …

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Jul 04

Dr R Talks About Prolapse, Part 1

(C) Lauri Romanzi, 2010 Pelvic organ prolapse, the medical term for vaginal bulges caused by damage to the connective tissues supporting the organs above and around the vagina (the uterus, bladder, rectum and vaginal opening), is a silent epidemic affecting women worldwide. Common terms include dropped bladder, dropped uterus, rectocele and vaginal laxity. Recent estimates …

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Jun 29

Does Betty need hysterectomy for prolapse? We think not. Dr R guest blog on Women’s Voices for Change

I urge you all to check out the entire content on Women’s Voices for Change, an online resource for grown women and the people who love them. Betty, a woman with uterine prolapse, recently wrote in to this blog, asking advice after her doctor told her she would need a hysterectomy to fix her prolapse. …

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Jun 13

The Happy Hysterectomy

(c) Lauri Romanzi, 2010 As a relentless advocate for avoiding hysterectomy unless you will truly benefit from the surgical removal of your uterus, I am here to share information about the benefits of  hysterectomy when it’s done for all the right reasons. My favorite “don’t need a hysterectomy” message is  about uterine resuspension for treatment of uterine …

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