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Nov 14

Valium for your Vagina

Dyspareunia is the latin word for “pain with sex”. The true prevalence of women who have pain with sex is unknown, since many women believe the pain to be “normal” or something for which nothing can be done. Various conditions can contribute to the symptom, including vestibulitis (here I recommend a visit to my colleague …

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Oct 30

Ask Dr. R: 5 year marriage ruined by painful sex

For almost 5 years now I’ve only had sex with my husband about 4 times due to very painful sex.  I’ve tried physical therapy, estrogen treatments, and dilators.  I’m at my wits end.   I don’t know who to go to or talk to about this since it is a very sensitive subject.  It is …

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Jun 13

The Happy Hysterectomy

(c) Lauri Romanzi, 2010 As a relentless advocate for avoiding hysterectomy unless you will truly benefit from the surgical removal of your uterus, I am here to share information about the benefits of  hysterectomy when it’s done for all the right reasons. My favorite “don’t need a hysterectomy” message is  about uterine resuspension for treatment of uterine …

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