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Nov 14

Valium for your Vagina

Dyspareunia is the latin word for “pain with sex”. The true prevalence of women who have pain with sex is unknown, since many women believe the pain to be “normal” or something for which nothing can be done. Various conditions can contribute to the symptom, including vestibulitis (here I recommend a visit to my colleague …

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Jul 08

Ask Dr R: overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, and ulcerative colitis

Hi, Can you tell me if you have helped any patients suffering from OAB/IC with Ulcerative Colitis?  Every medication I take for OAB is giving me a colitis flare up and I am desperate for help.  I cannot take Elmiron b/c of the Colitis also.  Can you offer any advice?  Thanks, L Hello L, You …

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