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Aug 22

Ask Dr R: painful sex- perineoplasty?

Painful sex after menopause Hello Dr. R, I am a 51 year old that has pain upon entry, visited my doctor and he is suggesting a perineoplasty, is that the same procedure as a Fenton’s?  Is there anything else that wouldn’t be as invasive? I do not want to take hormones and I am not …

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May 31

Kegel Exercise: The Facts

KEGEL EXERCISE: THE FACTS If you have a vagina and you’re old enough to vote, then Kegel Exercise belongs in your feminine fitness daily routine. Before you dive into pelvic fitness, it’s important to know what Kegel muscles actually DO. Kegels—or the levator ani muscles—wrap around a woman’s most important parts: her bladder, vagina, and rectum. …

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Mar 22

Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hair dresser knows for sure…

(c) 2011 L.Romanzi Does she or does she not; is the epidemic of “female sexual dysfunction” (FSD) fact or fiction? If fact, what’s to be done about it? Is it hormonal, vascular (clogged arteries – think “atherosclerosis of the vulva and clitoris”), muscular, psychological, or some labyrinthine combination of contributors? Or should we say, detractors? The …

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Nov 14

Valium for your Vagina

Dyspareunia is the latin word for “pain with sex”. The true prevalence of women who have pain with sex is unknown, since many women believe the pain to be “normal” or something for which nothing can be done. Various conditions can contribute to the symptom, including vestibulitis (here I recommend a visit to my colleague …

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Jul 08

Ask Dr R: overactive bladder, interstitial cystitis, and ulcerative colitis

Hi, Can you tell me if you have helped any patients suffering from OAB/IC with Ulcerative Colitis?  Every medication I take for OAB is giving me a colitis flare up and I am desperate for help.  I cannot take Elmiron b/c of the Colitis also.  Can you offer any advice?  Thanks, L Hello L, You …

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May 24

Ask Dr R: 38 and pregnant with laxity & incontinence: Kegel exercise vs sling operation

Dear Dr. Romanzi, I recently finished your book and found it quite informative. I had my first baby when I was 35, pitocin-induced with no pain medication. After a short but extremely intense labor, my labia tore off and although the doctor tried to repair it, it doesn’t feel (or look) quite right and seems …

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