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Mar 13

Sex, Weight and Self after Baby

   For all the Ask Dr R queries about getting your self and your life back after childbirth… The beauty of motherhood and womanhood lies in the balance –      Losing Baby Weight Many women look back at their pre-baby clothes convinced they will never wear them again, but there is hope, because most do …

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Jun 30

Bulging Rectum: Rectocele Facts

Understanding Rectocele, Levatorplasty and Site-specific Rectocele surgery techniques You may be unacquainted with the term “rectocele,” but for almost 19% of women, the condition is all too familiar! In a normal female pelvis, the rectum rests behind the vagina. The two are separated by a thin wall of fibrous tissue called fascia. When the fascia …

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Jun 13

Ask Dr R: Pregnancy after urethral sling? Having second thoughts…

Urethral Sling & Pregnancy Can you have a Urethral Sling operation and still have a child afterwards?  What are the option and risks? I had one about a year ago, and am having second thoughts about another child.C Hello C, Some recent data shows that women have safely carried a baby to term and delivered vaginally …

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May 31

For Pregnant Gardeners – An Extrapolation on Birds and Bees

Summertime is high season for gardening.  Pregnant gardeners need to take extra precautions to avoid chloasma and melasma (dark blotches) on the face and neck, protect backs, knees and pelvic support, and avoid gardening aids that may be toxic if inhaled or coming in contact with skin.  For the full scoop on healthy gardening while pregnant read …

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