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Mar 13

Sex, Weight and Self after Baby

   For all the Ask Dr R queries about getting your self and your life back after childbirth… The beauty of motherhood and womanhood lies in the balance –      Losing Baby Weight Many women look back at their pre-baby clothes convinced they will never wear them again, but there is hope, because most do …

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Jun 22

Pelvic Organ Prolapse and the Sexy Pessary Posse

  PELVIC ORGAN PROLAPSE: NO DIFFERENCE IN SEXUAL QUALITY OF LIFE BETWEEN PROLAPSE PATIENTS CHOOSING PESSARY VS SURGERY. Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the organs around the vagina are out of place – bladders drop (called cystocele), rectums bulge forward and sometimes out of the vaginal opening (rectocele), and/or the uterus drops down, …

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Jan 20

A hard man is good to find, but a stone sex toy lasts forever

(c) 2010 Lauri Romanzi Our dear friends at Betty Dodson central command (www.dodsonandross.com) continue to delight, the latest being their posting on an awesome (truly) anthropologic find – a stone-age dildo replete with carved rib rings and obligatory mushroom cap, lest future generations doubt its purpose. stone age sex toy found in German cave And …

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Aug 03

According to Orgasmo-graph, all’s equal between the sexes

Content courtesy Alan Fogel Enjoy this excellent clinical review on orgasm written by Dr. Alan Fogel, Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. This piece highlights the crucial role of the pelvic floor, aka Kegel, muscles in the experience of orgasm. The excerpt below includes measured activity of the Kegel muscles during …

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